Let me tell you a story about (another) mermaid …

Nici n-am apucat sa ne dezmeticim bine dupa povestea sirenei sarboaice, Nymph, ca deja avem o a doua sirena,  de data asta canadianca, care are potential mai mare sa ne prinda in mrejele sale. Charlotte’s Song este versiunea dark a povestii lui Hans Christian Andersen’s “Mica sirena” si va avea premiera d-abia la anul.

Trailerul arata bine iar descrierea ne-a facut curiosi:

Think Pan’s Labyrinth meets “Carnivale” – gritty human drama with a supernatural twist, situated in the 1930s Oklahoma Dust Bowl. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, Charlotte’s Song tells the story of Charlotte, a young girl coming of age in the midst of one of the most desolate and desperate periods in American history.

The untimely death of her mother triggers a downward spiral for her father, five sisters, and their family-run song and dance act. Help comes from an unlikely source when a gangster named Randall offers to pay off their debt in exchange for making some unsavory changes to the family business. Matters are complicated when it is discovered that Charlotte, like her mother before her, is in fact a mermaid capable of controlling humans with her voice.

What follows is a sophisticated magical turf war in which antagonists from many camps seek to take advantage of Charlotte’s power. The best and worst of humanity are put on display, and Charlotte must choose her own path, knowing that the wrong decision will have deadly consequences for the people she loves.

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