Grindhouse, anyone?

Iadul se dezlantuie atunci cand niste motociclisti ai iadului, care-si zic Satan’s Sinners, rapesc mireasa unui tip care nu e gata sa renunte la ea asa usor.

Sunteti curiosi ce se poate face cu un buget de 20.000 de dolari in doar 3 saptamani de filmare?

Fun & gore si-un trailer red-band:

All Hell Breaks Loose is the story of love, leather, and violence. When the Satan’s Sinners, a vicious motorcycle gang from hell, kidnaps one man’s bride, they bite off more than they can chew. Now the man is out to save his wife, any way he can… even if it means dying over and over again. With the help of a shit-kicking sheriff, a perverted priest, and a cowboy who just might be God, all hell is bound to break loose.

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