Not another zombie movie! Si noi ne-am dat ochii peste cap dar am rabdat aproape 2 minute, atat cat dureaza trailerul, si nu ne pare deloc rau!

Promovat drept “Mad Max meets Dawn of the dead“, Wyrmwood este un horror australian promitator prezentat zilele astea la Fantastic Fest, in care zombie sunt pusi in umbra de niste soldati prelucrati de un savant nebun.  Poate n-are nici legatura dar pe mine m-a dus cu gandul la Frankenstein’s Army.

Previziunea noastra: gore& fun.

Cam asa suna prezentarea Fantastic Fest: “This morning I shot my wife and child with a nail gun,” mutters the emotionally spent Barry in his first moment on camera. “I don’t know how to make a story of that.” Well, Barry may not know how to make that into a story, but Australian brother duo Kiah and Tristan Roache-Turner—writer-director and writer-producer of Australian effort WYRMWOOD, respectively—sure as fuck do. And what this brother act deliver is one of the most balls-out and fabulously entertaining entries into the zombie canon in years.”

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