Un tanar de 15 ani a scris, produs si regizat The day after the end (un scurtmetraj de 38 de minute) cu prietenii sai, folosind un buget estimativ de 20 de dolari americani.

Il cheama Gage Welch si are un mesaj scris pe

This is a short film I did last year in 2013. I was only 15 when I actually started the very original script. The film was only meant to be a really short video around 5 minutes in length, I then decided to expand the project into what it became. (The 38 minute short film)

I’m posting it again though because I want to begin on my next film project. I’ve watched this project probably hundreds of times, but I would like to get more feedback from others so I can better my work, and make this next project even better.

The Day After The End was actually made on only about 20 bucks give or take. The money was spent on make-up for the zombies, blood, and a couple other little props other than that things in the film we already had or made from materials that we found. I would like to actually have a larger budget for my next project so that I can do some really good things with it.

So if you’re willing to check out “The Day After The End” I would love to hear your thoughts, and what you think I can work on to make my next project even better. Remember the next project will have a bigger budget and it’ll be a different story of course. I also have more cameras and other film equipment I did not have when filming this short film.

Anyways! Here is the link to my short film “The Day After The End”: (I hope you enjoy) 

Storyline for the film: A group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse try to make their way to a military base where supposedly it is safe. They are guaranteed safety, food, shelter, and protection if they can make it there before the living dead makes the survivors their next meal.

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